Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Search Engines vs Directories

"Search engine" and "Web directory" are two different search services available; although they are often mistakenly confused.

Search engines are built up by robots or crawlers; whereas Web directories build up their indices through human editors. Many search engines and directories contain both a computer-generated index and a human generated index.
Search engines write programs known as robots, crawlers and/or spiders that have the following functions:

Locate Web pages

Read the contents of the Web pages

Report its findings back to the search engine databases

Many search engines update their index either on a bi-monthly or monthly basis. When Web searchers use a search engine to locate Web sites that are relevant to the keyword search, they are searching the search engine's index.

A search engine with a larger and more up-to-date index is a better representation of the information available in the Web. 

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