Thursday, 5 May 2011

Link Building – Building Trusted Links

 SEO link building is one strategy found to work for almost every webmaster who puts the time and money into building links. But while the popular search engines like Google and Yahoo aren’t 100% transparent, there is a trend that these search engines are taking to reduce the ranking of sites that are using non-trusted backlinks.

When webmasters realised that one way to increase search engine ranking was by having lots of sites link back to their site, they started submitting links all over the place. They also negotiated with different websites to have their links listed on their site. This actually works great since link building is considered the trump card of increasing web traffic. But the search engines have become privy to the tactics used by websites to improve search engine ranking, and now they want to weed out the sites that aren’t using trusted links when SEO link building. A trusted site is one that isn’t full of advertisements. It’s a site that provides content to users and doesn’t exist for the mere purpose of making money. When a blogger finds your website and links back to it from a blog post, that’s a trusted link.  In an attempt to get more backlinks, if you’ve worked out a deal with a website that carries nothing but Google ads and very little valuable content, that’s not going to get you very far.


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