Thursday, 5 May 2011

Local Seo

If  you own a local business with a website and want people to be able to find you through the search engines. The following are some local search engine optimization methods that will help you to rank better. One of the most easiest methods you can use for local SEO is writing optimized classified ads. This is a simple way to take advantage of local search efforts, search engines really like those kinds of sites and use them the more likely that you can send targeted local traffic to your business’s website.

When you are beginning start with Craigslist because it is the most popular classified web site on the internet. As a business owner you need to be sure that you are posting optimized ads on Craigslist. Make sure that the ad is not loud and that it is as simple as possible. When you write the ad, focus on the title because this is what increases most of the response.

Most local websites that are targeted by local businesses are fine with the idea of a business owner asking customers to log on to the site and leave reviews.  Since this is an allowable practice and your local SEO can benefit from it
It’s a good idea to take advantage of services such as Google Places, Bing Local and Yahoo! Local, and claiming your profile is your first step on these sites. All you have to do is complete some boxes and verify your address and phone number.

People who search are impressed with pictures, and it makes them assume someone is more authentic, so it’s a good idea to upload pictures to your profile on these local site listings. Just find some good quality pictures from your site and upload them to give you a more effective listing. Use the best pictures you can to show your business in a good light, but they don’t have to be taken by a professional photographer. Every SEO marketer knows the value of long tail keywords and how they can help you rank better in the search engines and when you’re working with Local SEO, that’s exactly what you’re doing. Long tail keywords allow you to play around with the anchor texts of your links, the diversification of your anchor texts and you are better able to expand your efforts.

keeping these local SEO strategies in mind, you can get more traffic and better ranking for your local business..

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